Community for Japanese as a heritage language

Aiming for the world where everyone can be proud of their origins

New style of Japanese language learning

Connect to the world through Japanese language

What’s EKKA?

EKKA is an online community for Japanese as a heritage language. We provide various classes to students who have their roots in Japan. Our goal is for each child to find the way of learning Japanese that fits him / her and to broaden his / her world.

The only common condition for classes is that they are in “Japanese”. Various teachers offer classes in Japanese not only for Kanji and grammar but also for history and math etc. We also propose club activities in Japanese such as “Rubik’s cube club”. There are permanent classes and one-off classes and each student can choose his / her classes a la carte depending on his / her interest.

As they grow up, their interests change. We try to create the field in which students can “learn using Japanese” rather than “learn Japanese” through a variety of classes in Japanese that cover various personalities and ages.


Learn together

We want to create the field of learning together. Teachers and parents will cooperate and both children and adults continue to learn from each other.


Connect to the world through Japanese 

Where did I come from? We want children growing up in a multilingual / multicultural and diverse environment to be able to be proud of their own roots.


Expand the world through community 

What am I interested in? What’s fun for me? We want to support children’s curiosity and inquiring minds through the community.

What’s heritage language?

“Japanese as a heritage language” means the Japanese language inherited from Japanese parent to children who have their roots in Japan, in an environment with non-Japanese language as everyday language. It’s different from Japanese language education for Japanese children living in Japan as well as Japanese as a second language for foreigners. Students of Japanese as a heritage language and their parents are often minorities in the society and our aim is to connect with each other in an online environment so that students could continue learning Japanese as a heritage language in a pleasant way.